Oasis Academy Parkwood

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Oasis Academy Parkwood Book Bag

Description:Description: Great use to put accessories including work books, home work, pens, pencils, rulers & rubbers, Great quality product for everyday need. The book bag also comes with its own pencil case including a shoulder strap so it gives you the option to hold it or use it across your shoulders.

Oasis Academy Parkwood Cardigan

Description: When washing, we advice not to tumble dry, use liquid instead of powder for colour cotton materials.

Oasis Academy Parkwood Rucksack

Description: The practical junior school bag designed to carry everything a child needs for school. Front pocket containing pen holder and detachable pencil case. Shoulder straps have blazer buddy lining to avoid piling of garment. Special rubber feet protectors give added protection.

Oasis Academy Parkwood Sports Bag

Our premium gym bag is fantastic product to put away all you gym wear. It’s easy to sit on your shoulders and consists of the following 100% polyester, full internal bound seams, name patch, internal coin pocket, reflective stripe and front pocket. Available in all colours!

Oasis Academy Parkwood Sweatshirt

Description: When washing we advice our customers not to tumble dry, and use liquid instead of powder for colour cotton materials.